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Water Management

Water Management

Businesses and public sector organisations responsible for their staff and visitors recognise the need to implement and adhere to strict water management monitoring processes in their premises.

The maintenance of clean water systems in public and commercial environments is essential in preventing the outbreak of water-borne illnesses commonly caused by contamination and bacteria. Potentially; and in some instances, lethal cases of Legionnaires' Disease can receive wide media coverage and may hold serious legal consequences for the parties held responsible.

Alcat Water Services is trained to provide comprehensive Health & Safety legislation compliant water management services such as:

  • Cleaning and disinfection of water tanks and systems
  • Maintenance of thermostatic blender and mixer valves
  • Upgrading of water systems to current byelaw standards
  • Log book recording for Health & Safety, temperature readings and works carried out
  • Developing regular maintenance programmes

An effective water management programme will not only demonstrate evidence of compliance in the event of an inspection, it protects lives and will preserve the reputation of your organisation from the adverse publicity resulting in the event of a preventable outbreak of illness.

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